Three coins in the Fountain- and they’re all dimes! Part One

In honor of the tenth day of the tenth month of 2010, here are ten things to consider:

1. In May of 2009, I offered a Writer’s Challenge, in which writers were asked to explore three subjects in only ten words. I was so impressed with what they came up with, that I decided to let you revisit it here:
3. Three bands to check out: Prescott Curlywolf is a band that is now defunct, but that doesn’t stop me from becoming a new fan about four years too late. Big deal, right? I first heard of them when a friend turned me on to the Damnations, which was also a great band, but also, alas, no more.
The guitar player, Rob Bernard, went on to Prescott Curlywolf, and since then I have bought up every cd I can find, and regret that I never got to see them live. Fortunately, if they are dead, they have been reincarnated, in a manner of speaking, into this new band, Mandible, that I also really want to see someday. They are from Austin, so check them out if you are in the area. Unless, of course, they are an ex-band also. It’s hard to tell. Here’s where you can check out some Prescott Curlywolf:
and here is a Mandible video:

So, yeah, that’s only the first of the three bands I wanted to tell you about. The next is Okkerville River, also from Austin, also a band that has been around for a long time, but for me a relatively new dicovery. I love them. Will Sheff, the singer-songwriter is a poet. Each song is a story, and they are almost always tortured, which as you know, is right up my alley. They are dramatic and beautifully crafted. I searched for a video to embed, but I couldn’t decide on which one; such a cool band! You should just Youtube them, or buy any of their cds. They are all good.
The last band of the three (you got a lot of extra band for your buck, right?!) is Darker My lLove. I’m not sure I like them so much. But you might. And I like their blog. I think they are clever.
4. Here are 4 random things that have come from emails people have sent me recently. I’m totally ripping them off, posting them without asking, so I’m keeping it on the DL so nobody will tell me I can’t. If you see something you wrote, and you want me to remove it, or if you want credit for it, let me know.
“Good? There is no good! The world is awash in evil, pandemonium and misery. Except for me. I’m all brilliance, light, and joy.”
” ‘Write to bare arms.’ Genius. What is the address?”
“Speaking of oo-la-la, did i ever tell you there’s a sledding hill on the east side of central park that we nicknamed ‘oo-la-la hill’? it’s a few blocks from the lycee de francais in NYC and all the french moms brought their little ones there and chatted with each other on the top of the snowy hill as their children took turns sledding down and then trudging back up. every time a kid went down and picked up speed over a bump or swerved and didn’t slow down upon reaching the stacked hay bumpers at the bottom, a mom would cry out in a kind of concerned coo, “oo la la!” so you heard things like, “oui, je pense – OOH LA LAAA! PIIIERRRE!… (petite sigh)- d’accord” every few minutes until you packed it up and pulled your sled on home over the west side hills, where the new york moms could be heard saying things like, “seriously, these snow boots were on sale, so I got the next size up for next yeuh -OH MY GAWD! REEUBENNN!…(fat sigh)…so, anyway…”
“Don’t be talkin’ ’bout me when I’m not around!” (Haha! I did it again!)
5. I want to do this: The Sketchbook Project: 2011. It’s so cool. If clicking on that box doesn’t work, go here: . I want to do the one that is called “In 5 Minutes.” I want to do my page(s), and then pass it off to someone, and then he/she passes it on, until ten people have contributed, all connected strangers, and then I want it to come back, so that I can see what it has become, and then off it goes again, until it’s done. Do it with me! Come on! Do it! I’ll pay for the sketchbook and I’ll pay postage, to wherever.
6. Six Pics that say “So long, Summer, and Fall, you look fabulous!”
P.S. These are my pictures. Don’t steal them. Consider them copyrighted, and don’t be a douchebag.

Ah, the colors of autumn!

7. Seven words I have recently looked up: ONEIRIC, QUEEN, FASCIATE, QUIS (may be ok in Iphone Scrabble, but not in my dictionary!) and LOVE.
8. I ate leek and potato soup for this first time of the season! Fall is delicious!
9. Number nine…number nine…number nine…
10. 10/10/10: A good day, indeed.