I started this blog because I thought it would be fun, and it is, but it turned out to be way more than that. I know some of my friends read it, and often I think of them when I write. I use it to remember things, figure things out, learn new stuff, and to mark events and eras. I write when I’m happy and when I’m sad, and it’s exciting that I can help illustrate my thoughts and emotions with music and images. Plus, I can use different colors. Cool.

If you see your work or image on these pages used without permission, please contact me and I’ll apologize and take it down. Contact me anyway. I’m lonely.

If you’re easily offended, get out now!

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  1. Do you have writer aspirations? If so, I think you should pursue
    that interest. You seem to enjoy the art, but you know some of
    the passion might be drained by the redundancy of repetitive
    schedule(s), deadlines, and the like.

    With your English expertise, perhaps you could identify the flaws
    in the following sentence.

    “The Botanist suggested that I cut several of the limbs off”

    It seems that these days, I hear/read more and more phrases
    similar to this. For example:

    “The man said to turn the car around”
    “The doctor said he’d cut his finger off”
    “The dog wants to run around the tree fast”

    What’s going on? Did this become common sometime in the
    last decade? I’m certainly no English whiz, but just the feel
    of this suggests some kind of structure rule violation.

    I’ve also become quite tired of the professional writers(news-
    papers, magazines, etc.) that consider themselves magnificent
    wordsmiths. Maybe my elementary reading style is simple,
    but when I see text like:

    “The causation for the disastrous debacle was reportedly defined
    when the initial vehicle approached contact with the secondary\
    vehicle, resulting in a stupendous mishap”

    I have to think – “Is this something I might say while standing
    on the side of the road”? So, let’s assume that I’d witnessed
    a traffic accident, and I’m asked by the patrol officer for a
    statement of events. Am I going to spew out the sentence
    above, or am I going to say – “The second car hit the first

    It has become very tiring for me to read through a newspaper
    article of 400 words where there should only be 150-200.
    Is this some kind of wording gymnastics at work? A chance
    to prove that one, as the author, is far superior to the inten-
    ded audience of the story?

    I just don’t think I understand!

  2. Thank you for writing. A certain BBS sent this on to me! I am sending it on to amigas in the Education field – from NYT to Dept of Ed! Email me if you don’t want me to do this. I erased your email address as it was attached to the blog address.
    All the best,

    Kym(berli) from Oregon

  3. Saw your mention of Mandible (2 years ago)I’m in Mandible and we’re still around. You can check out a vid for the song “Space Saw” on Youtube or vimeo…I see that the video you posted is gone for some reason…thanks for the mention!

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