I made up one of these jokes. See if you can guess which one.

1. If my dog was a designer shoe, he’d be a Furrygamo.

2. Q. What did the nosy pepper do?

A. He got jalapeno business!

They are both brilliant, I know. The sixth graders that I teach think I am a comedic genius. They feed me orange crackers just to see me do my Cheezit dance. They live for Selfie Wednesday when we take Ms. R’s Sixth Grade Selfie. The fact that it is not a selfie and that I am never in it only makes it more thrilling to them. I make them walk down the hall like an Egyptian, or as if they were velcro-d to the lockers. Hey! What do you call a bird that is stuck in the sky? A velcrow! Caw Caw! Get it?

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