Bet you can’t guess where I’ve been!

So, I’ve been gone. Maybe you thought I suddenly became debilitatingly shy, or that my fingers had fallen off and it was taking me an extra long time to figure out how to palm the right keys, but the truth is, I was out living the good life. I have frolicked and gamboled, made merry (didn’t catch her last name, though), and have gone hither and yon clicking my heels in unrestrained joy for the last three weeks. Verily, I did it, and yea, it was good!

Anyway, I know the suspense is killing you, so I’ll tell you: I went to France! I traveled around the country and saw beautiful, bucolic countryside, lots of history, tons of art, and was able to spend time in the frenzy and elegance that is Paris. It was magnificent, and it inspired an explosion of thoughts and ideas, which for me is kind of unusual.

So I want to tell you everything, on account of I’m a giver, but one of things that I thought about on my trip was the art of the personal statement, which involves forethought and self-editing. Those things are the opposite of how I have approached chronicling my experiences and musings. I usually speak first and think later. This has lead to me making important declarations like, “I like puppies!” or “Showering is overrated!” While these things are true, perhaps it is not necessary that I tout them so publicly or state them like personal credos. These are not the things I would want engraved on my tombstone. Maybe this blog is not the forum for my unedited, deepest, secret thoughts. I mean, should you put your personal biz on the internet? Air your dirty laundry in the cybersphere? Put your poop on parade? How much can one expose, while still keeping a sense of privacy, and obeying the appropriate norms of society?

The fully disclosed, stark naked answers to these questions remains to be seen! Stay tuned!

P.S. Happy Bastille Day!!!

One thought on “Bet you can’t guess where I’ve been!

  1. Je suis jealous! Il y a long temp puis je voyage a Paris. Je oublie tout! C’est triste. Bon pour tu. Je ponse mon rsvp por la voyage ete perdue.

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