A Bit of a List, 2011

Yay!!!! It’s New Year’s Eve Day! I love this time of transition, where possibility and hope go skipping hand in hand down Life’s Lane, past the corner of History Drive and Future Avenue, into the Park of the Present, and…well, the metaphor grows meaningless, from here, but the sentiment remains – yay, New Year! I like to celebrate by making lists, plans and resolutions that,  for a good two weeks after the champagne’s been popped (thank you, E.D.!) and the drunken midnight kisses have been exchanged (or forced upon…sometimes I get a tad over-enthusiastic), I vow to achieve Here is a picture of me from last New Year’s Eve:. 

They say that whatever you are doing on New Year’s Eve, you’ll be doing for the rest of the year, and I am pleased to say that this year, it was true! In 2011 you could find me dancing by myself in a Peter Pan inspired outfit pretty much any time of the day or night!

Anyway, in keeping with the time-honored tradition of looking backwards while forging boldly (and blindly!) ahead, I’d like to throw down a few lists for ya:

Things I Liked in 2011, In No Particular Order

1. Kale. Big fan of the leafy greens.

2. Liberal, elitist, pretentious, intellectual media : I like it all. NPR, you’re my best friend! You teach me, make me laugh, tuck me in and wake me up! New Yorker, you thrill me! I love your fiction, your overly-long articles, your incomprehensible poetry, and your sometimes-funny- sometimes-not cartoons! New York Times, you old gray lady, thanks for keeping me smart and on the side of the righteous! The Sun Magazine, 6o Minutes, The Daily Show, myriad bloggers who feel the same way about everything that I do, Matt Damon press releases…I can’t get enough of it! Rally on, Righties! We shall overcome, but in a dignified manner, and with a lovely glass of Pinot Noir!

3. Technology, In A Limited Kind of Way:  I love my computer, even though I use only 10% of it, like my brain. My Ipod is great; I walk a lot and it’s always in my pocket or down my shirt. I like to listen to podcasts – love my shows!- and count my steps, for no real reason. I just like to know. I love my camera, but I’ve had it for two years and still haven’t managed to read the manual. I’d probably like it even more if I knew how to take pictures with it. The newest addition is my Iphone. I call it Mike. Mike is so helpful to me, and has phonescrabble on it, and makes noises, and has a camera that takes good pictures and apps that do stuff and are free. I like when people’s pictures pop up when they call, though sometimes I make my sister look like this:  or use this photo for McAdams:

She’s kind of a veg.

I have a lot more to list, but I have to go get ready for New Year’s Eve. I dyed my hair “I Love Lucy” red and painted my fingernails glitter green, because I want to look like an elegant lady tonight. I am either going to year my Morticia dress or this little ensemble I’ve pulled together that’s kind of an homage to Stevie Nicks meets the Frito Bandito. I’ll let you know what I decide.

In the meantime, be safe tonight and whatever you do, smile- remember, what you do tonight could set the tone for the whole year.

I’ve told you I love you, right? I do.   May your wishes come true …

May your travels lead you to adventure, enlightenment, opportunity and epiphany …and may your imagination soar in 2012.

Happy New Year!


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