From my stand-up routine

Lately my dog has been going to the same spot, over and over again, to, you know, “do his business.” We’ll be walking along, sniffing the morning and wagging our tails, and then, all of a sudden, at exactly the same place, he’ll stop and drop a squat in that weird hunched up way dogs have…same spot every time! I guess he’s just overcome by a sense of deja doo doo…

Get it? I don’t know how I come up with them!

4 thoughts on “From my stand-up routine

  1. the stars must have been aligned as yesterday the very day you posted this i was overcome by this overwhelming urge to —————- drum roll

    watch dog day afternoon

  2. I finally apologized to our neighbor down the way because my dog, Schatzi leaves a present in front of her trailer everyday. I assured her that it wasn’t personal. Since, we’re in the country, I don’t have to pick it up-same place-same pile every time.

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