Woohoo! I just went to view my own blog – sometimes I like to sneak up on myself- and, according to my handy-dandy counter, I became the 1,001st satisfied customer- well, since I installed the official Statcounter counter – at this glorious site! Woohooo, I say! This means that I am officially a bad-ass. I am the Ali of blogs. I’m number one, you’re number two, and I’m gonna beat the whoopee outta you!

But no, I must remain humble. I want to thank all of you who tune in to add a splash of color to your monochromatic lives, to press close to greatness, drawn to me like a moth to a flame, to revel in my light, my love, my wisdom, even to copy my style and wit – it really is the most sincere form of flattery, and you have my blessing. If not for you, this blog would be …well, it would be the same, but you would not have had the opportunity to benefit from it. So thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for concretely affirming what I have always suspected…
smalleradventure rocks, bitchezz!!!!
Hmm. Upon further examination I see that my own computers, both at home and at school, the latter quite frequently during tax-payer funded working hours, are responsible for the majority of hits to this bogus blog, and that the rest of the hits come from people who went to Google Images and clicked on a picture of a blue meanie that somehow links here. Hellooooo? Is anyone out there?
One is not the loneliest number…1,001 is.
P.S. Last day of school…I’m back to woo-hooing, y’all! happy Summer!

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