So, I stumbled upon this photographer today, and my heart went all aflickr (get my hip, web-savvy reference?!), on account of I think this guy is soooo cool. His stuff is hyper-real and focused, and he elevates ordinary subjects to the sublime, twisted, or extraordinary. I find his pictures to be evocative and surreal. Really, I was almost giddy with the joy of discovering that which I consider inspirational. (By the way, I talk like this in real life. You won’t see me ending a sentence with a preposition- well, except in those frequent cases where I choose to ignore the rule on the grounds of artistic perrogative, and ‘giddy’ isn’t just for breakfast anymore, I tell you what!) I figured I’d just go ahead and post his link on my blog, even though I know you probably won’t check him out, no matter how I rave on about his work. Still and all, I like to spread the wic around.

Then I started thinking, what do I know about hip, or wic, or cool? I am the anti-Hip WcCool. I say, “What’s the haps, Paps?” My favorite joke is about a slug, and all I remember is the punchline. I like to garden and have a doily collection. That’s right, you heard me. Need I say more? Besides, this fo-tog (kinda cool, right?) is kind of dark, broody and dramatic. Maybe he’s too obvious, over the top. Maybe I don’t know what real art is. After all, I’m no artist.

And another thing: who cares what I like or don’t like? Who am I to tell you, “Hey, check this out!! You’ll love it!” Really, when you think about it, how arrogant is the whole nature of blogging? It’s as if one day I woke up and thought, “Hey! I am so hot! Look at me! Yeah, I’m talking to you! You need to check me out! I’m a genius! Do it! You will thank me later! I will change your life! I will turn you on to all the things that I love, like cheese and the color green! I will teach you, nay, I will expand your mind, about lady pirates and breast augmentations and quotes from people you may or may not have heard of! I will alert you to the horrors of pigeons and gangs of marauding raccoons and parasites that worm their way into your body via your urine stream! Good times! Stick with me, and I’ll talk about bad tv and the weird duck I saw when I rode my bike around the lake! WOOOHOO!!!!”

But then I thought, “You really bonded with Tufty” – that’s what I named the duck- and “Lots of people like to think about green and The Biggest Loser!” I’m interesting, right?

And then I thought, “Wait a minute! For whom did you start this blog? I seem to remember, little missy, a certain someone saying to herself, “I like to write! Wouldn’t it be fun to write about anything I want, and then guilt my family and friends into reading it?!” Don’t I write this blog because I like to write, like I’m flexing a dormant muscle, like I enjoy expressing myself, like its a creative outlet that makes me smile and relaxes me? Don’t I feel compelled? I do, I do! And don’t I post it because I am ready to bust out of my diary ad into the world, for anyone or no one, but hopefully for someone, who will read it and smile, or think, or sigh? In the end, don’t we all want to connect to someone else, to share time and experience and feeling, to touch and feel those around us? I do, I do! Pick me!

And then I thought, “Jeez, Louise! What the hell is wrong with you! Just post the guys link and let the chips fall where they may!!!!”

Here’s the link: Click on any of the collections on the right side, select slideshow, and make up your own mind. I’d be very interested in what you think, so let me know if you feel inclined.

2 thoughts on “Photophrenic

  1. I liked his stuff. Some of it was ok, but some of it was very good.

    What is the joke about the slug?? Maybe if you remember the punchline we can make up our own joke.

    Also, I am glad you wrote about the self-importance of blogging because now that I see it written out and in the context of your blog I realize that it is not a concern.

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