Is it just me?

I just read an article in Time magazine online about Sarah Palin’s first big speech to an audience abroad, a group of investors in Hong Kong. Not too much is known about the content of the approximately 90 minute speech, because all press was banned, though people interviewed later said the oratory was heavy on a matter of a global interest: Alaska. Ms. Palin spoke of relevant Alaskan history, such as “Alaska’s land bridges with Asia and how animals once went across.”
I gotta say, I just loved this article. Read it yourself if you’d like:,8599,1925657,00.html The best part of it were the last lines: Shown a picture of Palin, a woman surnamed Ng, who operated a food stand near the Grand Hyatt, professed to not know who she was. “If she is rich and famous, then maybe she goes shopping nearby,” said Ng from behind her counter. “Afterward, she can come eat my fishballs.”

Sarah Palin can eat my fish balls. Classic, right?

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