Cool cyber-places

Here are some cool cyber-places to visit:
1. This blog is by a 14 year old kid, David Ashby, who is walking from Orlando, Florida to Washington, DC, over the summer. For those of you counting, that’s 1,100 miles. He’s doing this because he wants to bring attention to homeless youth in America, and so he is not only walking the walk, he’s living the life. He is only eating what he find on the streets, and he is staying in shelters. As a teacher, I am so impressed by this kid. As a human, I am humbled by him and the commitment of his friends and family. Try to check this one out before Aug. 15th.
2. This site is dedicated to graphic design. It has some cool videos and interesting things. Some of them are totally over my head; what’s GIMP?
3. This blog is funny! The writer is an American in England, who uses a poetry form to talk about what is going on in her life or things she is currently pondering.
4. This site and its blog are all about independent magazines, literary journals, bookstores, and record labels, and the blog has a lot of stuff about writing contests and programs. Way cool if you are into that stuff.
5. Don’t know about etsy yet? Unbelievable! It is a huge site where people sell all kinds of stuff that they make themselves. Remember, my birthday is just around the corner!
6. This woman is an artist who teaches at Parsons. I think she’s fabulous.
7. Outstanding! If you haven’t already, you must check this out!
8. From Denichiwa, our Japanese correspondent.
9. Maybe it’s just me; I love this site and can get lost on it for hours…
10. One of those blogs chock full o’stuff; it has some funny videos and weird/amusing/interesting photos…

I know of some other interesting sites, but they are secrets. Sorry!

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