Ten Years Later, Here Are the Ten Words!

Finally! Congratulations to all of you who sent stuff in! Yay!!! You met the challenge heroically! I’m so impressed! The idea was to write about an escape, being on the cusp of change, or a doomed relationship in just ten words. So, without further ado – you’ve waited long enough – here are the “Tell Me in Ten” responses I received!

i wonder where i’d go if i could get away
John White

vacation beer clean the house dreams of beach eat oreos.

Fill the pipe…take a hit…and fly far away.
Unable to process emotions…she drinks to numb them out.
Depressed. Damaged. Dependent. Controlled. Abused…escaping is the only outlet.
Black eyes…afraid to go home…what to do?…Run!

G. Rene Martinez

escape – an expanse of online scenery
Mr. Simpson
Editor’s Note: Ten words, five words…whatever!

run from you because together we are sad and alone
Christina Morris

If only I could get away from this awful place!
Edie Brickell

Calgon dreams in Charybdis; I should swim toward the rock!
Editor’s Note: Dig my Homer homage! Quite literary, n’est-ce pas?!

It’s a holy shouting. Another shore and moving curtain. Gone.
Patricia Mora

am i strong enough to handle change of this magnitude?
John White

Here, unknown. Next step: skip, stumble, shrink, retreat or leap?

My sensibilities shook like a chrysalis by a tadpole pond.
Edie Brickell

the cusp of change – what you will find in a lisping beggar’s hand Jonathan Simpson
Editor’s Note: 1. Jonathan is European. Maybe you count differently if you are using the metric system. 2. Get it?! I had to read this one three times! Good one, Jonathan!

Your promise peels away layers. I emerge new refreshed different.

Beautiful little fingers and toes I watch you talking back
Christina Morris

If we do it, promise we’ll still be friends?

It’s a holy shouting. Another shore and moving curtain. Gone.
Patricia Mora


Editor’s Note: This one was, BY FAR, the most responded to of all the prompts. I guess it touched a nerve…I really liked reading these. Some are so raw and passionate. Others are wise in the way that hindsight is; after you have been through the agony of the doomed relationship, it’s so clearly obvious it was destined to fail.

I curse you…you beat me…afterwards we “make love”. We just met and you already want to move in.
At best, he is…jealous, controlling, bitter, abusive, manipulative, insecure.
He slapped me just because I looked at another guy.
The foundation of this relationship is made of great sex.
G. Rene Martinez

an idolatry investment with zero long-term returns (see Madoffism)

Jonathan Simpson



Liliane Richman

I should have known when Cupid shot that poison arrow.

Edie Brickell

She left. My house became alluvial riches of ipstick cases.

Patricia Mora

Sun-faced angel junkie, now gone. Needles stashed in my jewelry. (For E.A.)

He believed her; she was a unique praying mantis.


To: Brad P.

Couldn’t, wouldn’t fuck me. Why not? Now she’s pregnant.

From: Jennifer A.

fuck you piece of shit, you really piss me off

Christina Morris

It’s a holy shouting. Another shore and moving curtain. Gone.

Patricia Mora

So, there you have it! Aren’t they cool? I loved doing this, and I truly appreciate all of you who contributed. You’re all so clever, and you know words like ‘alluvial’, ‘chrysalis’ and ‘fuck’! I just love that about you! If you wanted to write one but didn’t get a chance, or if you came up with new ten-spots, don’t fret! Post your new entries in the comments section. Remember, you can post anonymously if you want.

Do you want to do this again? I have new topics… you’re all real swell fellas… until next time…

Special note to Denise… just call my name….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehal1eUG1jk

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