Happy Yeaster – A Holiday Wish For the Ladies

And yea, verily, descended from the land of Vaginium and Ovarium, the Yeastites settled in the Fertile Crescent of Labium and Fallopian. And thereat did they multiply and grow, until the Yeastites were as a strong nation, as abundant as the stars in the Heavens, and as resistant as oil is to water, Limbaugh is to logic. And wherefore the Yeastites looked at their homesteads and dwellings, they said as one, “Yea, it is good. We shall live here and prosper, and on this day shall we exalt Yeast, Our Leader; and on this day shall we proclaim to the Nation, and to our enemies the Bacterium; from this day forward, Yeast will serve as a reminder of our greatness, likened unto an itch that cannot be scratched; and you shall know, and your offspring shall know, and yea, your children’s children shall know the great and enduring power and glory of Yeast: He is risen!”* Song of Organisms 22:3

Happy Yeaster, Ladies.

*Except of course for Jewish Ladies, who at this time are strictly unleavened

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