Happy VD!

Well, all, Happy VD ’09! A faithful reader (yes, I have faithful readers!) gave me this deformed and cracked mutant m&m to use for the blog, as part of the “may you find love in unexpected places” series. Thank you M&Mily! I am certain that there is a perfect metaphorical meaning for this candy coated holiday, but right now all I can come up with is “if you carry love around in your pocket for two days before remembering to take a picture of it, you will see its true significance; love may be lint-covered, battered, and have a funky spot on top, but the chocolate-y, peanuty goodness of it will never be diminished.” Poetic, non? Perhaps I will send this to the Hallmark folk and let them use it, free of charge, cuz I’m cool like that. By the way, just so you know, m&m’s WILL melt in your hands, or your car, or your pocket. They’re made out of CHOCOLATE, for heaven’s sake!

The way chocolate melts has to do with how a solid changes its molecular structure with the application of heat, and that is science, which makes for a smooth, organic segue to my next topic (clever, how I did that, huh! Watch and learn, kids!), which is that Thursday marked the 200th anniversary of the birthday of Charles Darwin. I am a big fan of Darwin, though I get a little tired of his constant need to prove himself, but apparently, that’s how scientist are, all factual and “can I recreate said process?” What’s wrong with theoretical science? Nothing! I like Darwin because I like evolution. I think we should all evolve, even if it means giving up things like our appendixes. Remember, ‘evolve’ spelled backwards is ‘evlove’, which is newspeak for the love of everything. In the great state of Texas, the Board of Education just decided that teachers would not have to teach “the strengths and weaknesses” of the Theory of Evolution as part of their curriculum. In other words, they could just teach the theory as a scientifically accepted principle instead of pointing out that maybe humans came into being because God made Adam in His image and then created Eve out of his rib. Texas decided to leave that theory for Sunday School. Chalk one up for Darwin! I raise one opposable thumb up in your honor!
I have been informed by a reliable source – the blog of a psychic who is also a real professor – that today marks the actual dawning of the Age of Aquarius. http://www.keen.com/CommunityServer/UserBlogPosts/PSYCHIC_PATTURNS/Aquarian-Alignment-Valentines-Day-2009/439177.aspx
Finally! I am so sick of falsehoods and derisions and am so ready for golden crystal revelations and the mind’s true liberation! Unfortunately, it appears that the celestial alignment that ushers in harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding began at 7:25 am and only lasts for 18 minutes. Ain’t that a kick in the pants.
Happy Day anyway!
P.S. Thank you KB, E.D., Anna, Dad, AES, Linda and Scherry and Big John for your VD love. (Eww!) This wicked spinster truly appreciates that you think of me!

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