Come on people, let’s give the latest Writer’s Challenge that ol’ college try! I’ve received some that are fabulous, but, as always, I want more! Bring it on! The challenge was to write about something you witnessed. There are no restrictions as to style or form. So easy! Want me to do another one? OK, I will!

Strange land
Roman ruins, the blare of angry traffic
Seat of history, mystery and romance
Under fragrant, lilac wisteria
In the corner
Of a park
Near a pond, with a fountain, kissed by the sun

High noon:
Quacking ducks,
Happy daffodils,
Laughing children in shorts and strollers
I saw three boys beat another almost to death

Blood arcing from his face
as graceful as the water in the fountain
Dancing in the sky
Ruby droplets spinning in the sun
Crashing, splashing hard
On silent, cold cement.
Ummm, yeah… I’ve witnessed some pleasant things, too! One time I saw a proud, gleeful cat run from a lake with a big fish in his mouth. Of course, that wasn’t too pleasant for the fish. Anyway, you get the idea, right? Come on, WRITE!!! You said you would! It’s good for you! Do it!

Hilarious Bonus: