Perfect Harmony

For those of you who care and haven’t realized it, today, April 6, 2012, is a spiritual trifecta: it’s Good Friday (bad for Jesus, but I believe I have covered this ground before), Passover (did you know Moses was a major stutterer, much like the kid from Black Swan Green? The two are probably unrelated, but then again, is anything really unrelated? Think about it and get back to me!) and a full moon! The moon, of course, trumps Judeo-Christian mythology as far as universality goes, on account of it’s been around forever and is symbolic and significant in perhaps all religions and communities, including witches, werewolves, Micheal Jackson dance moves, cheese, tides, marshmallow fluff snacks, childish butt pranks, conspiracy theories*, and shows about robots, spacedogs, aliens and romantic love in Paris. The moon is most often associated with the feminine, the yin, but the man in the moon is probably packing some pretty serious intergalactic yang. Anyway, tonight is the perfect night to celebrate the the big three synchronicity, were pagans and priests, robots and rabbis, vampires and vestal virgins, the Pope and Sarah Palin (she can see the moon from her house in Alaska), the wicked, the Wiccan and the wise, and Team Edward, Team Jacob and Team Jewish can all come together and hold hands around the Universe, like a giant cosmic Coke commercial that celebrates what frequently brings us together (carbonated beverages and buying stuff) instead of what commonly divides us (religion. And robots.)

Happy whatever you celebrate or reject, and Happy Friday – everybody loves the weekend!

This Easter egg mosaic is by Oksana Mas, a Ukranian artist, from her collection of twelve different pieces, Post vs. Proto-Renaissance. It features 3,640,000 hand-painted eggs. The eggs were painted by “inmates to intellectuals” in 42 different countries. No chickens or bunnies were harmed in the making of these mosaics. Cool, huh?

Austin artist Chepo Pena (would that I could figure out how to type the ~ in the right place!) does Loteria cards based on Star Wars. I think these are a groovy depiction of culture, religion (Star Wars is at least a cult, right?), the moon (La Luna) and ideas of fate, faith and custom. Aren’t those the ideas inherent in spirituality? Look at his super cool stuff here:

* There is a documentary coming out called Room 237 that looks into theories of what Stanley Kubrick was REALLY trying to get across when he made The Shining. One of them is that Kubrick helped NASA fake the Apollo moon landings, and then revealed his involvement in the movie. Classic!

One last thing: Two people actually sent me emails about my last post! I love that! Here is what one wise soul had to say about poetry getting lost in translation:
It may be that experiences that you can never quite describe or fully capture in the telling are the poetry of life.
Or that is what poetry aspires to–capturing the most unique of moments, but they are lost to all but those who experienced them.

My friend are real smart!

Still here? How about sending you off with this? It’s the song I sing!