Happy Halloween and Election Day!

Ghosts are scary…

Zombies are scary…
Cerberus, devil-eyed, three-headed hound from Hell, is definitely scary…

1. Jim McMillan – The rent is too damn high, and apparently his furry, white balls are, too!

2.Christine O’Donnell – Shown here denying the possibility that masturbation relieves tension.
3. Carl Paladino – just a sweet, little, love bug, shown here reasonably considering a different point of view
4. Sarah Palin – Common sense, logic and reason personified.
Crazy, radical, violent, shrewish, mean-spirited, mad-as-hell, close-minded, misinformed-but-unconcerned, ranting, my-way-or-the-highway, wack-a-doos deciding what is good for the “real Americans” in this “nation under God” is truly frightening.

Vote. We can’t just give up.

By the way, am I the only person who finds the following picture really funny?