Enigma Returned!

So, yeah. I took a little hiatus. Didja notice? See, I”ve been busy. For one thing, I”m taking a writing class, and all the thinking and writing, and writing about thinking, and not writing and thinking about that has been eating away at my time. Also, it”s the season when the students at school are angst-ridden and crisis-laden, so there”s that. They think I”m wise, because I tell them I am, but that comes with a price; I”m always having to nod knowingly and answer their questions with still more evocative questions or meaningful quotes that I mostly have to make up real quick-like, and which I usually attribute to Martin Luther King of Jesus.

The real reason I haven”t been posting is that I like it when people wonder what I”m up to. It adds to my persona of mystery and exoticism. Exoticness. Exoticnicity. Anyway, I like to remind you every once in awhile that you don”t know me like that and you can”t even imagine all the crazy shizz that”s going on up in here, on account of I”m an enigma, and I am also magically delicious. (Bet you didn”t expect me to say that, didja now!)
Here are some things I have seen lately:

This one is an army of parrots. Parrot-troopers. They are in camouflage, because they are on maneuvers. They might be terrorists, but I can”t be sure. I”ll keep an eye on them…
kasino 10px; text-align:center;cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;width: 400px; height: 300px;” src=”http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_4_j2oVrCgwI/TMxJeioX6-I/AAAAAAAAAss/dqRMJ-rTAkY/s400/DTC,Aidswalk, Bluffadale,zombies, RHPS,lake, parkeets 037.JPG” border=”0″ alt=”” id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5533878831172545506″ />Sunset in Bluffdale, Texas.
$10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000! You don”t see that every day! Unless of course if you live in Zimbabwe, where it”s pretty common, on account of it”s only worth about 30 U.S. dollars. By the way, I have no idea what a ten trillion dollars looks like, so I just kept typing zeros until I grew bored.
I like this picture because it looks like a painting. Or I like this painting because it looks like a picture.
I love these beetles because they have such iridescence. Not so much this particular one, because he is mortally wounded and soon will be an ex-beetle, like Pete Best, who has pretty much just faded away into obscurity. He is a fading bug on a fading leaf, trapped in a sentence that has no point, but just slowly fades away…

Who doesn”t love the spotlight, right?

This last one was the start of an ugly girl fight…
Fortunately, true gnarliness was averted when the bigger one leaned over and swallowed the skinny one whole. Yum.

P.S. HEY! YOU! Don”t steal my photos!