Sarahs, Get Out of My Head!

Sometimes I wake up with that Sarah Silverman song about Matt Damon song in my head and then that’s pretty much it for the rest of the day. You can’t go anywhere because you’re bound to burst into the chorus – it’s just so joyfully exuberant! – in the produce aisle or at a playground full of children. I like Matt Damon, because he hates Sarah Palin and can talk like Matthew McConaughey, two of my “Must Haves” in a man. Or a woman, really.

Don’t you think it’s weird that in that last paragraph, I spoke about four people, but between them they only had two names? Coincidence? Perhaps…
Speaking of Her Shrillness, Palin has a new book out. Don’t buy it. Instead, go buy Steve Martin’s new book, Object of Beauty. It was released yesterday, which was my friend Jono’s birthday – Holla, Jono! – and here is an article about it from the NYT, which was published on my mom’s birthday. Oh, the coinkeedinks! Crazy, right?
Watch this. It’s still funny. Just be careful… once it’s in yo head, it’ll be comin’ out yo mouf.

Are you still here? Great! Then you deserve a BONUS! I love this song, and I especially like this video, because Hall (or is that Oates?) looks like Freddie Mercury, and Oates (maybe that’s Hall) looks kind of like a cross between Patrick Swayze and how I imagine Pony Boy from The Outsiders.