OK, Losers! How come ONLY ONE of you has even tried to submit something from the last Writer’s Challenge! Get on the stick!

Here are the topics and instructions again:
Shall we have Tell it In Ten Again? OK! We will! Writer’s Challenge #5 is to sum up thoughts about the following three topics or themes:

The First Time

Nervous Habit


Another Thing

If you know me, email your submissions. If you don’t know me, post in the comment box and then I’ll delete them and publish them officially at a later date. Whoever you are, be sure to let me know how you would like to be credited.

Maybe this will inspire you:

Re:WORDS from Everynone on Vimeo. It’s made up completely from clips found on YouTube.

The Everynone site has a lot of things I like on it.

And now, here is a bonus video, which is OUTSTANDING, and stolen from a very cool new website called geekadelic.com. You should check it out. Oddly, I have a friend who has a band called pervadelic. Pervadelic, meet Geekadelic.