Und now, ve prezent…(vait fur eet)…2015, ze preview!

All of my years have been good ones. I realize that I am very fortunate, but I expect no less from 2015. Here are some things to look forward to:

1. This new book of photographs from Ken Schles will be coming out later this month. I like his work; even though the pictures are from a certain time period, they feel timeless, and focus often on expression- he captures the eyes and attitudes of his subjects candidly, at moments when they seem transported by thought or emotion – and motion, in photos that are blurred with action or sweeping in composition. Cool, huh? Here is an article about him as well.


2. Lots of good tv is coming! I got an opportunity to preview the PBS schedule for new Masterpiece Theater, and there are three new shows I am interested in: Grantchester, Wolf Hall and Indian Summers.




And that’s just the classy stuff I’m gonna watch! TV is my best friend! I love it so much!

3. Religious persecution and intolerance will increase and continue to be a destructive, divisive force.






Another prediction: I will continue to be a devout anti organized-religionist. Believe what you want to believe. Just don’t try to force everyone else to buy it.

4. Art. It’s out there – it’s everywhere! People’s imagination and creativity thrill me, and restore my faith in humanity. If faith is something that one believes even in the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence, perhaps due to a simple inability to not believe, then I am a humanist.




There are so many links I could have added to this bit, it’s mind boggling. People are magnificent. Also, they are shitheads, but that is not the point I am trying to make.

5. Adventure! There are so many adventures upon which to embark! McAdams had a baby last year (she also moved, twice!) – that’s a life long adventure, even if it doesn’t always seem that way! Also, congratulations to Mollie and Robert, who will start their infantile adventure later in the year – I can’t wait to meet the new kid!

McBaby, 2014

Sushi joined the Peace Corps and now lives and teaches in Lesotho – betcha don’t know where that is, do ya? Lesotho It’s the pimento in the acid-soaked version of the misshapen green olive that is South Africa! Now that’s an adventure! Check her out at http://lesothoinfinityandbeyond.blogspot.com/

Denichiwa is taking a long deserved vacay to NOLA. She goes there plenty, but each time she comes back with some crazy story about a feather boa or a one-way street. It’s always an adventure! Bon voyage, Nichi!

Toribelle is changing her life by writing. She is taking a Method Writing class and is loving it! http://jackgrapes.com/grapes_approach.php. Discovering what is inside of you is an amazing and often profound adventure, so enjoy that ride! Big, exciting writing news from my mom and Chmchm, both of whom are to be published this year! I’ll let you more know asap. Also, I look forward to hearing more from this guy, David Gianadda, who I think is brilliant, http://newworldwriting.net/back/fall-2014/david-giannada/, and his wife, photographer Emily Stoker http://www.emilystoker.com/. Jeez Louise, what a talented couple. So young and attractive, too. Kind of irritating, that.  Finally, I expect to hear much more from a teacher of mine, Gary Swaim, who just published a book of poetry, A Perhaps Line: Poetry of the Material and Immaterial Worlds. Gary is a poet, playwright, fiction writer, artist, and was the 2011 Senior Poet Laureate of Texas. He’s a real cool cat, and I hope to study with him again. http://www.swaimartsandletters.com/

Also, my dad has a stalker. More on this as it develops.

Laurie and Tom are moving to Rome! That’s a huge adventure! Congratulations, you two, on having the guts to live a dream! I look forward to visiting, and while we are there, maybe we can go see Bonnie, who always has something interesting cooking.


6. Politics – There will be politics. I’m re-reading Animal Farm. It’s still incredible. That, Machiavelli’s The Prince, and All The Presidents Men should be required reading in every high school civics class. And maybe this documentary.

7. Finally I look forward to all of you, who make each year exciting and inspirational. You all make me feel good, and I love you. I don’t know who all reads this blog regularly, but Happy New Year to those who I know peruse at least now and again. You deserve to be recognized by name, or at least pseudonym, so here’s the shout-out list, with my apologies to anyone I leave off, and in no particular order, except for the first two, to whom I owe all of my new years.

Mom & Dad, Big Salty (or is it Lil Salty? I always forget!), Ed, chmchm, KB & Mr. S, ED, Mr. Lemonska, Denichiwa, Trixie, Shan, Jono, Robin, Jennifer C., McAdams, Brandon, Bonnie, The Heller Boys, Ms. Le Fave, Mario & Elise, Robert-from-across-the-pond (better than Pommy Robert, right?), Neil, Smurp, Paulie B., Dave, Toribelle, Biskit, and Kari.

May 2015 bring you every happiness!