Attention, Time Fighters!

Woohooo!!!  I am pleased to inform you of a fascinating phenomenon from a phylum of funky hydrozoan called Turritopsis dornhii. (On can only keep up meaningless alliteration for so long!) A hydrozoan is a small invertebrate like a jellyfish. This particular species defies death; it literally refuses to die. When it is under stress, it reverts from any stage in its life cycle to its earliest life form, a polyp, and then starts the whole cycle anew. Damn! Tell me that’s not cool! There’s going to be a big ol’ cover article in the NYT by Nathaniel Rich this Sunday*. I sure hope Nutria, cockroaches, rats, Snakehead Fish, Burmese Pythons and Sarah Palin don’t read it!

* I know this because I am amazing.Never doubt me again, or I will use my vast psychic skills to ruin your life.

Here’s a mini article to hold you until Sunday. I like how they manage to sneak Upnapishtim, Gilgamesh, and Nietzsche into this piece. A song:

NYT! You so very/ Literary

Heavy pieces/ I can’t carry

Flocks of words/ Like migrating birds

Oh so pretty/ ‘cept when they are shitty!

No, really, I jest! I love you NYT! Without you, how would I impress my friends and colleagues, particularly those who are illiterate?