New Year, New Blog

Hi there. It’s me. I’m back after a brief sabbatical. Has it been two years already?! Time flies when you’re not doing much! I haven’t been blogging because I didn’t think anything I had to say was really worth writing about; I mean every day I am interested, moved or amused, but I figured that if Iam going to write, especially in a forum that is made for people to read, I should at least be doing something that is out of the ordinary, or that people other than myself might find worth reading. However, I’m nothing if not ordinary. And right now, I’m kind of in a rut. Who wants to read about that?
Well, I’ll tell you who: I want YOU to read about the monotonous, dull, every day tedium of my life, and then I want YOU to praise ME for delivering it in a beautiful, fresh and meaningful way! I want you to think I am effervescent, fascinating, witty and tall! I want you to hang on my every word and go into your monotonous, dull, every day life thinking “Damn, I may be boring, but SHE is magnificent! So clever, so creative! I wish I could be THAT GIRL!” I think I will find myself scintillating if others tell me that I am. What’s wrong with that? Everyone wants to be recognized for his/her unique qualities. Everyone wants praise. I am just more willing than most to beg for it.

This is my plan for this blog. If I have to, I will write comments to myself to get the ball rolling; I’m not proud.

Also, I liked writing my other blog. It made me look at the world in a new way, and reminded me of how much I like to take pictures. I felt like the blogging kept me sharp. Of course, then I had something to blog about, which made everything easier. This blog is a gamble. I may not even be interested in it. We shall see…