Signs of Spring

Poor other parts of the country! This winter must seem never-ending to you! Don’t give up…Spring is just around the corner! In my part of the world, little leaf fists are uncurling, buds are kissing the air, grass is greening, and people are smiling when they pass each other in the street. Here are some pictures to help you snow-suffocated, coat-bound Northerners (and Midwesterners, and East Coasters) keep the dream alive.

Signs of Spring 2013 012Signs of Spring 2013 019Signs of Spring 2013 015Signs of Spring 2013 030Signs of Spring 2013 033Signs of Spring 2013 001

Also, here’s rust and a wall. Enjoy.

Rust, Not SleepingGreenstone

2 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Great photos AVR.
    We have flowers here too, cherry blossoms, daffodils and all; just that ours are all covered in drizzling mist with temperatures in the 30’s…you know, sunny Italy and all that. Someone here said the cold wave was thanks to ‘mother russia’. I thought, that’s not MY mother; my mother is the nice lady in short sleeves who brings you a glass of iced tea on the patio! Happy Spring back to you too :).

    • Poor, frozen transplant! Actually, having been to beautiful Italy, I can’t feel that sorry for you! I know you find beauty wherever you are and whatever you are doing, so while I wish you a quick thaw, enjoy the tail of winter!

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