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Happy Month Anniversary(give or take) of my last post! I know you have been counting the moments; your little hearts are probably so much fonder of me now! I hope you weren’t worried about me…I’m fine, and really, I think I am more adorable than ever!

It’s been a big month for art, I tell you what! I went to this really cool exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art on American art of the 1920’s. I think this time period, as far as the visual arts are concerned, is underrated, and I just loved the show, which is finishing its national tour in Cleveland in July (Dig that 4-1-1, chmchm!) It had mostly paintings and photography, with that fantastic, highly-stylized, light-and-shadow, geometric look and feel of the era. Here are some photographs from one of the artists I discovered there, Margrethe  Mather:

This one is by Edward Weston:

 Weston is amazing. Google him!

The paintings were really great also; I saw famous folks, like Hopper* and Thomas Hart Benton, and I saw the third Georgia O’Keefe painting I’ve ever really liked, “East River From The Shelton (East River No.I).” She’s a great artist and all, but I get tired of looking at all those vagina flowers in Southwestern colors. Give me a sun anus any day!

I saw this painting by Paul Cadmus:  I had just heard of him the week before, when I saw these works in Bentonville, Arkansas, at Crystal Bridges Museum.    I was struck by how different his paintings were from each other, and yes, the more mama looked, the more mama liked! Check out these websites: Cadmus is Bad-ass-mus!

Crystal Bridges, despite it’s silly hoot-in-a-holler name, was awesome. The brainchild of Lady Walmart, Alice Walton, it’s an all American art collection also, but from different eras, and contains art of all kinds of mixed media. It’s well worth the trek to Bentonville, which seems like a nice little town, especially if you like Walmart. It’s not too far from   or   or the nuclear power plant Kind of ironic, huh? Humans leave trails of beauty and creation as well as chaos and destruction. Speaking of irony, look at the sign on the right of the truck and then the sign on the left: And also, what’s up with this?  Kum on!

Well, I gotta go. Adventure calls! Happy almost Spring everyone!

* Hopper paints on blue velvet. Get it? Believe it or not, I just made that up!

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