9/11 Numbers

2 towers
4 attacks
19 terrorists
93 – The flight number of the plane that was brought down by the passengers. 44 people, including 4 hijackers, died in an act of sacrifice and heroism that cannot be overestimated. 10 million dollars is still required to finish the memorial.
110 stories in each of the twin towers.
120 minutes; the amount of time it took from the first strike until both buildings were rubble
411 emergency workers died on that day. According to the Washington Daily News, by 2010, more than 916 first responders have died since, mostly from cancers and lung disease. Many of them were denied medical coverage or financial assistance because debate arose over whether their illnesses were caused by their exposure at Ground Zero. 2,5oo contaminants were identified in the dust cloud.
494;  586 miles per hour; the rates of speed the planes that hit the first and second towers were travelling at the time of impact, respectively.
2,996 deaths from the attacks.
2 wars launched.
4,447 US troops killed in Iraq as of June 2011
180,000 contractors, civilians and others killed in Iraq, including 149 journalists, as of August, 2007.
0 weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq.
1,751 US troops killed in Afghanistan as of 9/9/2011
+100,000 troops are still there
77 U.S. soldiers and 25 Afghans were injured in a truck bomb at a small military base in Afghanistan on 9/11/2011. 4 Afghans were killed.
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