Wednesday’s Goal: Be Concise

As evidenced from Tuesday’s post, I have the tendency to ramble. While I find this quality in myself absolutely endearing, and, if  I do say so myself, downright adorable, it is something that I often find irksome in others. “Blah, blah, blah, my job, my dog, my fat ass, my hobbies, my tv shows, my family…” see, when other people say it, it really does sound boring, right? So I understand that perhaps some of you, those more shallow and less intellectual, may just want me to shut up occasionally. I’m listening, and I hear what you are saying. (See how sensitive, selfless, and caring of others’ feelings I am?! Yay me!)

Also, sometimes I kind of tart things up a little; you know, say more than I really need to if I was to be strictly sticking to the truth, or saying it in a manner that puts gardenias in the locks of the simplest, most unassuming sentence. This is a gift to some, and a burden to others. What can I say in my defense? I am a giver. The yakkity-yak is from me to you, with love. Still and all, I suppose honesty, simplicity and brevity all have their places. It’s just that those places are not usually in my mouth.

Finally, someone once gave me this advice: Don’t talk; do. Point well-taken, and well-said, too. I can only improve it by adding this small addendum: Don’t talk; doo-doo, by which I mean, shut up and don’t give me your advice! When I want your advice, I’ll tell you what to say!

So for today, all day, I will speak plainly and succinctly, and only when I have something important or worthwhile to say. I will not embellish, or babble about the mundane, or speak just to hear my own voice. I’ll say what I mean, and mean what I say. I’ll be a man of few words, only a woman, and with even less words!

OK, here I go! Starting…now!

I got nothing.

See ya.

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