Oh Boy!

Before I begin, a word to all you cyberstalkers, gangstas, hood rats, bad guys, evil doers and ne’er do wells: Don’t think that I am going on vacation and leaving Casa Paradiso unprotected and vulnerable. First of all, you don’t know where I live. You may think that I live in the city recently voted to be the second ugliest city in America (Detroit, we’re gaining on you!), but I am not going to confirm or deny that rumor. Second, I have people – large, powerful people- staying at the casa whilst I am away. I don’t want to scare you, but they come from the NEW YORK area and you might refer to them as “a family”; take that as you will. The “patriarch” of “the family” is named Mario, and he’s in “construction”; that’s all I’m saying, kapish?
I am going with McAdams to ….I’m still not ready to tell you where! The only guess anybody wagered was “to take a nap.” I like your thinking, but no, we are going to somewhere magical, mystical, and miraculous, some place exotic and off the beaten track…oh, it’s going to be so fun!
So, oh boy! Today is the day my friend McAdams and I are leaving for our annual roadtrip. You may remember her from the big Montana Adventure (adinarich.blogspot.com), where we drove 7,000 miles and conquered the wilderness for about a month. Perhaps you remember when we joined the Navajo nation in the Four Corners are of Utah. McAdams is key to these trips. She is in charge of planning, booking reservations, hotels and extras, driving, heavy lifting, packing, protecting me from wild beasts and rednecks, holding my hair if necessary, the itinerary, and adaptation to my whims and moods. I am in charge of chatter, research (factual or imagined) and not forgetting my toothbrush. Each of us has jobs that are customized to utilize or strengths, and we run like a confused gender African racer, which is to say real well.
So, what fantastic destination spot are we headed to now? Is the anticipation just killing you? Can you just not wait? OK, I’ll tell you…we’re going to South Dakota! WOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Oh Boy!

  1. Hope you all have a great trip. Back here in the world we lost both Harvey Pekar and Tuli Kupferberg today. On a day where we lose that much uniqueness it's really good to think of you gals out having another wild adventure in the wilderness. Carpe Diem. (that's Latin for "enjoy every sandwich")

  2. Wow! Bear that bad news, Sean! My blissful state of ignorance is now shattered. We will raise a glass of South Dakota Rhubarb Red – whatever that is- to the fallen Fug and comic master.

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