And now a word from…

Margaret Atwood, poet, novelist, critic, essayist, feminist:

You Fit Into Me

You fit into me
Like a hook into an eye
A fish hook
An open eye

Ouch. Didn’t take too many words to see that relationship’s probably not going to work out so well.
Here’s what I know of Ms. Atwood:
1. She wrote The Handmaid’s Tale, which I didn’t really care for, and she wrote a FANTASTIC poem based on the documented hanging of a woman, for being a witch.The woman’s name was Mary Webster, and she was left hanging all day and all night. Here’s the kicker; she survived, and went on to live fourteen more years. Here’s the other kicker (I wonder where that expression comes from….): Mary Webster was a relative of Margaret Atwood. Ooh, snap! Betcha didn’t see that one comin’! The poem’s called “Half Hanged Mary”, and it’s told from the woman’s perspective. I always use it when I’m teaching The Crucible. Here ’tis:
2. She wrote another poem called “Siren Song” that I also love, and use when I am teaching The Odysssey. You’re welcome, English teachers. If you look closely, ladies, you can find the key to getting any dude.
3. She also wrote lots of other great stuff. Find it yourself.
4. She’s Canadian. Canadians are cool and their French is hard to understand and their Egg McMuffins have Canadian bacon in them, only they just call it “bacon”, and they are real delicious, even though McDonald’s is evil.

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  1. YAY for your feature post on Magz Atwood. She's one of my faves. I read "Cat's Eye" with Brenda way back in the day, and I think I've read pretty much everything else she's written, except her non-fiction and poetry. Thanks for these links.

    Also, Alice Munro rocks. Another fine Canadian authoress.

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