Photo Bouquet

Recently, I have received cell-phone pictures of flowers from two of my friends. Both sent flowers that they see frequently, in their own backyards, driveways, or off the highways. I love these snapshots, not so much because of their aesthetic beauty, but because of the way the viewer was compelled to pull over, take notice, marvel at the simple perfection of a bud, and then pass that moment of joy onto someone else. And yay, hallelulajah, that lucky someone was me, and now it’s you.

What a fantastic time of year, non?
Photo Bouquet
For KB and Dennis

Kitten tongue pink in a cloud of mint

Fat-petaled cheeks weigh down wide-open faces

Heads nodding at inside jokes

Only those in full bloom truly understand

When the car pulls in
Smoke sighs from the window
Tires hiss relief
Weary slog of back and forth
Tired that rests in the marrow

Usually she doesn’t notice
The buds blend into the afternoon
Heavy lids make it hard to see past smudging thoughts

All in a day’s work

But today

The flowers
Giggling their greeting

Gossiping with the grass

Shimmying in the breeze

Delicate leaves making jazzhands

Bobbing and bowing
Backlit, by a bright blue screen

She couldn’t help but smile
Nod graciously, gratefully, at the roses
Snap a picture for forever

Of a flower and a feeling
How nice it is to be home again

*This doesn’t mean that I want a bunch of pictures of cute puppies and kitties, Dad! Stop yourself! Don’t send them just because you can!

NOTE! There is absolutely no way to get this poem all in one color and formatted correctly. I’ve tried and tried. It makes me crazy. It is now June 6, 2010, months after I wrote this, months after it was first read, and still I try, and still I fail. Damn, y’all!

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